News and Events of EICAR News and Events of EICAR en-en Das dünne rechtliche Eis von IT-Sicherheitsaudits Eine Überprüfung der IT-Sicherheit dient nicht nur der Wahrung der Geschäftsinteressen sondern gehört – zumindest bei aktiennotierten Unternehmen – sogar zum Pflichtprogramm. Ein neuer Leitfaden sorgt vor dem Hinter 17.10.2008 EICAR 2010: ICT Security - Quo Vadis? Overview of the conference The 19th EICAR (European Institute in Computer Antivirus Research) conference will take place in Paris from May 8 th to May 11 th including a pre-conference program that should be a milestone in the history of c 01.03.2010 eicar Annual Members Meeting 2010 Invitation to the eicar Annual Members Meeting 2010. To be held at the eicar conference in Paris on Sunday, 9th May 2010, Commencing at 17:00 hrs The members meeting shall only address motions from the agenda. Addit 09.03.2010 Impressions of the EICAR Conference 2010 This section on the website is password protected and only accessible to participants of the EICAR Conference 2010 in Paris. We provide access to pictures of the conference. Impressions of EICAR Conference 2010 pls find here Please do not use t 26.08.2010 Tagung der WG2 am 16. November 2010 Die EICAR Working Group lädt zur Tagung am 16. November 2010 ins Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik nach Bonn ein. 11.10.2010 Conference slides 2010 now available for all The 20th EICAR Conference is finished. So we provide the last year slides to download for free. You can find the slides in the Conference archive. The Conference slides 2011 will provided for EICAR members and Conference attendees 31.05.2011 Next Working Group 2 Meeting in Bonn at November 15th 2011 The next WG2 meeting will be scheduled for Nov. 15th 2011 at the BSI in Bonn. Here you can find further information. 17.10.2011 We present the accepted papers for the next conference Today we are proud to present the acecpted papers for the next EICAR conference in Lisbon, Portugal from 7th to 8th May. The conference programe Commitee accepted five industy and nine academic papers. 12.03.2012 21st EICAR Conference in Lisbon: "Cyber attacks" - myths and reality in a contemporary context The 21st annual EICAR Conference will take place on May 7th and 8th 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal, with a pre-conference program on May 6th. The Conference will focus on Cyber attacks and beyond. 20.03.2012 New image trailer online The new (and first) image trailer of Eicar is online. There is an English and German version available. 06.04.2012 The 22nd Annual EICAR Conference The 22nd Annual EICAR Conference to be held on June 10th and 11th 2013 in Cologne, Germany. 18.06.2012 Our sincere condolences It is with much regrets that we have to inform our members that Günter Mußtopf, one of our founding members and long-time supporters has passed away on 2nd October 2012.We will remember Günter for his initiatives and persiste 18.10.2012 Conference 2013: Further information and Call for Paper online New information for the 22nd EICAR Annual Conference are online. The motto is "The Scientific, Technical and Commercial Future of the AV Industry – Toward a New Era or a Doomed Collapse". read more> 11.11.2012 Information from the 10th WG2 meeting at BSI online The 10th WG2 meeting at the German BSI closed. We have published the 6 presentations on the new Info Material page, which is part of the WG2 contents. Note: The information and most of the papers are only available in German. 24.11.2012 Conference 2013: Accepted papers for the 22nd Annual EICAR Conference online We are proud to present the accepted academic and industrial papers for the EICAR conference 2013. The abstracts can be found here: 07.04.2013 Conference 2013: First draft agenda online Today we have publeshd the first draft of the agenda for the this year conference. Here you can find it. 24.04.2013 22nd EICAR annual conference postponed to November 2013 With much regret the EICAR Board informs that the conference 2013 for organisational reasons has been postponed to November 2013 and the new venue is most probably Hannover. The event in the Dorint Hotel in Cologne on 9 - 11th June has 22.05.2013 EICAR members meeting 2013 postponed to November 2013 Dear EICAR members, because the conference is postponed the members meeting will be held together with the conference in november. The EICAR board 30.05.2013 Data Protection vs. Data Security: The 22nd EICAR Conference concentrates in close co-operation with the Leibniz University Hannover on the combination of Data protection and Data security EICAR in close co-operation with the Institute for Informatics in justice at the Leibnitz University of Hannover are addressing actual topics from the area IT right and IT security in a holistic approach. 26.09.2013 EICAR Annual Members Meeting 2013 Invitation to the EICAR Annual Members Meeting 2013 To be held at the eicar conference at Leibnitz University Hannover, Room 805, on Sunday, 17th November 2013Commencing at 18:00 hrs 28.09.2013 Final program online We are happy to present the final conference program. As a new speciality we have two slots with technical and legal tracs. 14.11.2013 Deutsche Welle reports from EICAR Conference The Deutsche Welle reports from the EICAR Conference at Hannover. The content is only available in German language. 20.11.2013 23rd EICAR Annual Conference to be held in November 2014 Today we are happy to present some news for about the EICAR Annual Conference 2014. The 23rd Annual EICAR Conference will be held on November, 17 and 18th in Frankfurt, Germany at the Dell 01.06.2014 BRing your OWN devIcE - BROWNIE, A short compendium to data protection and data security issues regarding BYOD Bring your own Device (BYOD) is an important trend in IT-industry. BYOD refers to the practice of employees collecting, processing (including, but not limited to storing) or using corporate (company) data on their privately owned ICT devices. The 02.06.2014 Conference 2014: First draft agenda online The first draft of the agenda for the 23rd Annual EICAR Conference is public. 19.09.2014 Conference registration form online The program for the conference is updated and the registration form is online. 28.09.2014 Comment periods extended The comment periods for EICAR Members on "EICAR Minimum Standard for AV Products" are extended to 20th October 2014. 11.10.2014 23. EICAR Conference beschäftigt sich insbesondere mit der Zertifikation von IT-Sicherheitsprodukten sowie mit Lösungen zu gestiegenen Datenschutzanforderungen German Press Release to announce the 23rd EICAR Conference from 17. to 18. Nov 2014 15.10.2014 Invitation to the EICAR Annual Members Meeting 2014 To be held at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday, 16th November 2014 Commencing at 19:00 hrs       - Agenda 1. Welcome and acceptanc 04.11.2014 Working Group 2 Meeting The next WG2 meeting is scheduled for Feb. 10th 2015 at the BSI in Bonn.                                    ......   Presentations w 14.11.2014 One of the most diverse EICAR conferences was completed The EICAR conference was held close to Frankfurt Airport for three days, November 2014 16th to 18th.The first two highlights were already in the pre conference section: a workshop about 25.11.2014 Invitation to the Extraordinary Members Meeting 2015 To be held at the Leibniz University Hannover, Germany on Wednesday, 11th February 2015 Commencing at 11:00 hrs               .... Agenda Welcome and acce 22.12.2014 Test File Survey We ask for your help Dear visitor, we would be happy if you could help us to improve the EICAR test file by completing our survey. This important support takes three to five minutes only. 22.02.2015 Successful closing of Test File Web Survey More than 500 participants from about 80 countries answered 14 fine-grained groups of questions. The outcome will be published at the project page of the test file working group. As soon as the work 31.03.2015 Prof. Dr. Klaus Brunnstein Prof. Dr. Klaus Brunnstein, einer der großen Pioniere im Kampf gegen Computer Viren und Mitinitiator von EICAR e.V., ist am 19.5.2015 nach kurzer und schwerer Krankheit kurz vor seinem 78. Geburtstag in Hamburg verstorben.  &nbs 26.05.2015 Minimum Standard for Anti Malware Products 21.07.2015 First "Licence Agreements" on Minimum Standard Trend Micro’s CTO Raimund Genes and the EICAR Chair Rainer Fahs have signed on 1st October 2015 the first "Licence Agreements" pledging adherence to the EICAR "Minimum standard for AV Products" within the EICAR "Trusted IT Security" strategy 02.10.2015 Invitation to the EICAR Annual Members Meeting 2015 To be held as a Skype / Telephone conference  on Monday, 14th December 2015 Commencing at 18:00 hrs CET (17:00 hrs UTC)   Dear EICAR Members, we had an Extraordinary Members Meeting on 11th F 13.11.2015 EICAR Certifies First IT-Security Testing Lab AV-Comparatives meets all requirements of EICAR standard. EICAR has, as part of its initiative EICAR Minimum Standards, certified the first IT-security testing lab. AV-Comparatives, based in Austria, satisfies all of EICAR’s sta 24.11.2015 EICAR Certifies First non-AV Product With the IT Security Solution Airlock Suite from the Swiss company ERGON has EICAR certified the first non AV IT-Security Product. The Airlock Suite fulfils all the criteria of the EICAR Minimum Standard. 03.03.2016 EICAR integrated partner at it-sa The 24th EICAR Conference will be held on October 17th and 18th 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany, integrated in the annual 03.04.2016 EICAR Conference - registration starts The registration for the EICAR Conference 2016 has started. 15.05.2016 Working Group 2 Meeting Presentations The presentations from WG2 meeting June 07th 2016 are online. Slides 01.07.2016 Conference 2016: Program online The agenda for the 24th Annual EICAR Conference is public. 13.09.2016 Invitation to the EICAR Annual Members Meeting 2016 To be held on Sunday, October 16th 2016 commencing at 18:00 hrs CET (17:00 hrs UTC) at the Congress Hotel Mercure Nürnberg an der Messe, Münchener Str. 283, Nuremberg, Germany.   P 13.09.2016 moved to a new server Today we moved the EICAR web sites to a new server location. We hope nothing is wrong. If you find an error please send us an email. Here are the changes: The new serve 25.09.2016 EICAR test file downloads wasn't not correct until now We had to inform you, that the test file downloads from our new server are not correct until now. The correct EICAR test file string was not included in these files. Thanks for all users for reporting the problem. 26.09.2016 Conference 2016 without charges We are happy to anounce that attending the conference is free this year. 13.10.2016 Conference Presentations The presentations from EICAR Conference 2016 held on October 17th and 18th in Nuremberg, Germany, are online. Slides 11.11.2016 Tagung der Working Group 2 (WG2) The next WG2 meeting is scheduled for Sep. 28th 2017 in Bonn, Germany.Presentations will be held in German. Das nächste WG2-Treffen ist für den 28. Sept. 2017 in Bonn festgesetzt. 31.07.2017 EICAR Trustworthiness Strategy The EICAR Trustworthiness Strategy is to enhance transparency in the contemporary IT Security environment and its ever evolving threats and vulnerabilities scenario and to enable trust into IT Security products that help creating a safer environme 17.01.2018 EICAR Trustworthiness Strategy - Invitation to the meeting April 25th/26th Invitation to the meeting April 25th/26th: EICAR Trustworthiness Strate 17.03.2018 Tagung der Working Group 2 (WG2) Next WG2 meeting is scheduled for Nov. 19th 2018 in Bonn, Germany. Presentations will be held in German. Das nächste WG2-Treffen ist für den 19. Nov. 2018 in Bonn festgesetzt. 24.09.2018