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EICAR on the WildList (call for incidents)
By Eddy Willems, EICAR news Editor and Wildlist Reporter 

In August 1999 EICAR became a WildList reporter. For the ones who don't know this: The WildList is a cooperative listing of viruses reported by 56 virus information professionals as being in the wild. The basis for these reports are virus incidents where a sample was received, and positively identified by the participant. Rumors and unverified reports have been excluded. Some hostile programs included in this list may fall outside the traditional definition of a computer virus. However, such programs are spreading throughout diverse user populations, are a threat to users and are therefore included in this list. The report is cumulative. That is, this is not just a report of which viruses were seen last month. Monthly data is received from most participants, but the new data is added to the old. 

Participants are expected to let the WildList organisation know when to remove their name from a virus. The list should not be considered a list of "the most common viruses", however, since no specific provision is made for a commonness factor. This data indicates only "which" viruses are in the wild, but viruses reported by many (or most) participants are obviously widespread. 

The WildList is currently being used as the basis for in-the-wild virus testing and certification of anti-virus products by the ICSA, Virus Bulletin and Secure Computing. Additionally, a virus collection based upon the WildList is being used in an effort to standardize the naming of common viruses.

What do we want from our members? 

We ask you to send your statistics or incidents to us. Also, if you are looking to a new undetected specimen or if you have some problems with a document, spreadsheet or executable which could be infected, please send us this in a zipped file to the address wildlist@eicar.org . We can provide you with a solution within a few days from receiving this sample in case of infection. The samples or reporting of the statistics or incidents will be used for input for our report to the WildList. 

Regards, Eddy

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