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This Task Force deals with the issue of information security awareness. 

It’s the most interdisciplinary working group of EICAR so far, bringing together technical IT security specialists as well as social psychology scientists, security practitioners and communication professionals. 

Currently the task force concentrates on developing guidelines helping SMBs to choose the right consultants and service providers to develop and implement awareness campaigns. A best practice paper for those who want to do an awareness campaign on their own may follow. Research on the psychological aspects is done in cooperation with the Psychological Department of the University of Munich.

Goals and objectives

  • Determine the target groups of awareness raising efforts within organisations and in the public and focus on their different needs, as this is partially neglected by existing awareness initiatives
  • Develop a toolkit for awareness campaigns which are suitable for organizations which can’t afford to hire communication specialists or use multimedia channels to educate their workforce
  • Find ways to impart psychological knowledge to technicians and vice versa
  • Explore the psychological determining factors of information security awareness and find ways to motivate people to get involved in security measures
  • Participate in studies on the state of information security awareness of different target groups
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