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One of the most diverse EICAR conferences was completed

The EICAR conference was held close to Frankfurt Airport for three days, November 2014 16th to 18th.
The first two highlights were already in the pre conference section: a workshop about the future of the EICAR Anti Malware Test File (and new test scenarios and tools) and later the Chair of the Board, Rainer Fahs, presented a draft of the EICAR Minimum Standard for Anti Malware products.

The conference speeches were so interesting that even the last session was joined by nearly all coference attendees, and that's newcompared to previous conferences.

Since 1992 the EICAR Anti Malware Test File is a standard for basic checks for anti virus software. The files are downloaded in average about 220,000 times each day. That are 2.5 downloads each second. Based on this impressive number it is important to make the test file (or a new one) compatible with todays requirements.
At the test file workshop we started collecting several needs and also discussed cons and pros. As a result the new Test File Working Group was introduced. Feel free to join the working group.

With the background of many meetings with anti virus industry professionals on the one hand and test centers on the other hand, the demand for a definition of anti virus software has been growing as a basis for useful testing. However, the development of such definition is a complex task and agreement was fond to go in incremental steps. As a first initial step to satisfy first basic security and privacy (data protection) requirements "Minimum Standards for AV Products" where developed with the participation of international technical and legal experts and experts from the AV industry. The first draft was published at the conference.

The Board has decided to publish papers and slides no longer only for conference attendees and EICAR members in the first year after the conference. Now all PDF files are available for public.
The papers and slides of the previous conferences will follow asap.

At the end we thank DELL for supporting the conference with facilities and catering.
The next conference is scheduled for the beginning of September 2015. The location will be published as soon as possible.

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