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With IT security seen as one of the major factors for the success and growth of e-commerce, EICAR will help you build and maintain your competitive edge. This major annual European forum has researchers, system experts, developers and other interested individuals attending to discuss issues and solutions, while keeping abreast new developments by attending presentations and workshops given by experts. 

IT information security is fundamental to business. As a result, EICAR, is an event IT Security experts feel they must attend. E-commerce developments are ever more important for keeping ahead of the competition while information is becoming an ever more valuable ingredient to run your business. Each week new challenges and information security questions present themselves and demand the right decision. If you want to judge what is best for your business, understanding future implications, being ahead of your competitors and serving your customers better while finding out more on how technology can benefit your business, it requires you to join your peers at EICAR.

10 reasons to attend the EICAR Conference

  • Choose from various tracks offering inside expertise.
  • Match your information and learning needs, and help you tackle everyday challenges.
  • Gain perspective through keynote addresses on the state of the industry as well as emerging trends.
  • Extend your personal IT-security knowledge.
  • Take profit from networking by sharing information.
  • Discover and evaluate products and services.
  • Be part at one of the most recognized technology-oriented IT-Security events.
  • Get the scoop on the latest products, meet with clients and drum up new business with valuable leads.
  • Take advantage of being in the same place with the best and brightest of your profession.
  • Meet some of the best known IT-Security professionals in personal and exchange your experiences.
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